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Our commercial grounds maintenance includes all of the following services: Lawn care: We mow the lawn and eliminate grubs and other lawn pests. Great Lakes Landscape has kept lawns green in your community for more than 30 years.


If the grass looks greener on the other side, it's probably a Great Lakes Landscape maintained lawn. 

  • Weed removal: Dandelions, crabgrass, prickly lettuce and other invasive plants are eliminated from the grass, plant beds and around sidewalks. 

  • Plant trimming and shrub pruning: Our experts keep bushes in shape, and cut back overgrowth of shrubbery and ground cover. Tree maintenance: Year-round professional tree services on the property, including tree trimming services, removal, fertilization and disease control.

  • Trash removal: We sweep debris from your grounds during every visit. 

  • Irrigation system maintenance:Starting up the sprinkler system in the spring ensures proper turf coverage, and we can also shut it down or winterize the system when appropriate. We also perform needed repairs during the season on a time-and-materials cost.


Great Lakes Landscape keeps your business exterior ever ready to impress.

Call us for a quote at (219) 690-1650 to get your custom landscape maintenance estimate.

"Great Lakes Landscaping has been Proudly Serving Northwest Indiana for Over 30 years"

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